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Essie Christensen Baines


I started in the credit repair industry in 2014. I was working a corporate job while trying to make a name for myself in the credit repair industry. I decided to take the leap of faith and go out on my own in 2016 and quit my corporate job. I enjoyed doing credit repair because I knew it was an industry that could really help individuals being that I myself went through a rough patch of BAD CREDIT and the DENIAL CYCLE. I already owned my own Tax and Bookkeeping/Accounting company and figured why not implement credit repair. During this journey, I noticed that a lot of other Credit Repair companies where struggling trying to process disputes, marketing and keeping client retention, some were working 9-5 and I could totally relate to the struggle. That is when I extended my expertise into outsourcing in 2017.  Outsourcing became my passion. I was the Authority behind companies that helped their clients. Together the credit repair experts and I were able to continue getting people where they needed to be to purchase that new home, a new vehicle or just stop those collection calls. It also helps credit repair companies reach that next level in their business. 


Qiana Scott

Office Manager / Processor

I joined 365 because I was impressed with what they were offering and I myself struggled with having my own credit repair company and balancing a 9-5, a family and running a business. I am the office manager and handle the admin work for the company. I also help with the processing of the disputes for the many credit repair companies that we handle. 


Leroy Baines

Consultant / Processor

I joined my wife on this journey to assist other credit repair companies with the opportunity to concentrate on taking their business to the next level. I am the "KING" processor for the company! With my business consulting background, I am able to implement advanced credit repair dispute strategies that work with our Outsourcing process.


Keisha Barnes

Executive Assistant

After being laid-off from my last job, I turned to entrepreneurship with many years of administrative and managerial experience in my background. As a business owner, I approached Essie Christensen Baines several times for advice as her mission matched what I envisioned for my company as well. Essie didn’t skip a beat with her generosity and
knowledge. My company, Keisha Renee Virtual Solutions is a results-oriented company that specializes in both administrative and financial solutions. Primarily providing services such as virtual administrative assistance, account management, and online business management. We’ve learned that leveraging one’s time is optimal. Our services allow you to leverage your time and focus on your core business or personal activities. 365 Outsourcing Solutions is top in the industry, and I am pleased to work with and become a member of this team by providing administrative services as well as a Processor.


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